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My Story


Throughout my 30-year career I have had the opportunity to work in many industries and assume various responsible roles, while completing numerous business and personal goals. With my clients, I'm sharing the knowledge, realizations and experience related to personal and professional growth that I have obtained throughout the years.

First Steps

I began my journey in the business world in a consulting company that connected businesses and individuals from former Yugoslavia with partners and businesses in Italy. This role in networking role and forging connections between these two geographic regions has marked my career. After working at an insurance company based in Slovenian Istria I went into logistics and was soon employed at the biggest regional logistics company for the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia, later advancing to the position of regional manager of global courier services for the whole region.


At the turn of the century, I focused also on academia, and after completing my doctorate became an assistant professor for transport logistics, where I was able to provide new generations of students not only with the theoretical knowledge, but also with the practical insight into operational work in this industry. Parallel to my academic career I founded a consultancy company. The trust I obtained in this field opened doors for me to become a consultant of the management board of the biggest wholesale and distribution system in Slovenia and member of supervisory boards in a specialised company for terminal and warehousing services, and the national port and logistics system.

Political Stage

In 2008 I accepted the invitation of the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Slovenia to become a state secretary, where my participated in the harmonization of Slovenian logistics policies with the European Union, and contributed to charting the development path for logistics in Slovenia. I had the opportunity to head various international delegations on behalf of the minister and the government. Several times I filled in for the minister at the Council of Ministers for Transport, Telecommunication, Energy in the scope of the European Commission. The political stage is slippery and you constantly have the feeling that your opponent is invisible, but just like in business, you have to respond constructively and find a solution even where it appears there is none.



Political experience led to an invitation to cooperate with the leading company in logistics of refrigerated cargo, and later also to an invitation to an Italy-based international logistics group. In recent years, I have held various management positions in pioneering companies that have integrated modern technological solutions with global supply chains. I currently provide consulting, mentoring, and coaching, as well as support in business decission making to executives and management personnel.

I build on my wealth of leadership experience as a lecturer at various academies and as an assistant professor at different universities. The academic perspective gives me the opportunity of an analytical approach to problem solving, which is a valuable commodity in today’s fast-moving business tempo.


Besides the certificates and licenses that I have earned in my past, I became a certified Business/Life Coach in 2021, and offer comprehensive coaching and mentoring services through my consulting company.

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