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Let's turn impossible
into possible.

I help individuals and businesses on the path to breakthrough.

Igor Jakomin: Every story
begins at the beginning...

Even in seemingly hopeless situations, the most crucial response is constructive. Through crisis management, making prudent decisions, and, most importantly, implementing them is essential. I want to pass on this invaluable knowledge and experience.

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I don't know how to move forward ... The company has grown too fast, and I no longer feel in control ...

I don’t have a suitable partner for discussing strategic decisions and bouncing off ideas, as none of my colleagues is able to give me an independent opinion ...

How can I show my employees that I respect them as people and value their contribution, when I cannot even find the time for myself ...

Even the most successful leaders, those who constantly keep track of new developments, reach the highest goals and build on a wealth of experience and exceptional achievements, find themselves in such situations, facing similar questions.

There is no universal solution. The answers to these questions are different for every individual. We can find solutions to problems that seem impenetrable only through dialogue with competent consultants and by taking the right approaches, and then applying these findings towards setting new objectives and achieving even bigger accomplishments.

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We solve problems with the help of carefully prepared programs.


Same thoughts always lead to the same choices, same choices lead to the same behavior and the same behaviors lead to same experiences and the same experiences produce the same emotions and these emotions drive the very same thoughts


(dr. Joe Dispenza)


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I met Igor two decades ago. Even then, he shared his professionalism and expertise with us so that we could build the foundation for a successful business. His professional approach, expertise and energy, reflected in a high level of quality, made us decide to work with him again. His techniques helped us change the way we look at running a business, and pointed us in the right direction, making it possible for us to take a big step forward towards successful management.

Mirza Bavčić

Country Manager United Parcel Service, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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